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Working on "Taqueria Guadalajara" Take-Out menu

The purpose for this project was to condense the menu and create a new design for it.

We looked over the menu with our client, Noel, and looked at ways we can simplify it. Things we noticed were a lot of repetitiveness and unmatched pricing. So, with that, we corrected these issues and made pricing consistent to simplify it for their guests.

After we had made an agreement with the client for the new simplified menu, we started the input process.
We used an editing program called InDesign. The menu was still large even though we condensed it, so we used a proper layout (8.5x14) and divided it into three columns. Therefore, we decided to make it as a trifold.

First, we input the new short menu in the order of having the most standard taqueria food items first.
Next, we made sure the items, descriptions, and prices lined up consistently.
Then, started the cover page where we added the logo and basic info like address, etc.
After, we used the back page for social media info and promotions.
Lastly, the design process begins:
    - used previous Taqueria Guadalajara work for ideas
    - used green and orange as the colors to break up each food items
    - shadowed in the logo in the background

Jan-06 2016
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