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Working on "Sky HD Professionals" Brand

A local to Woodland, Omar is a business owner that has the passion, service, quality and dedication that has propelled his business. 

We began the process by learning more about the client. The interview process consisted of finding out what we consider are three key points for a brand.
  1. Purpose
  2. Passion
  3. Prediction

Omar has a clear view of his business and the direction it wants to go. We took this data and started creating sketch renderings. We want to make sure we give our clients the option of a visual concept. After the customer picks the design they like best; we move on to the vectoring process. 

Sky HD Pros Logo Rendering

The vectoring process for "SKY HD Pros" seems simple. But when we move from paper to digital version we want to make sure that every part of the sketch translates well to its new form. We take the time to make precise adjustments to every corner, angle and line. Then we started to play around with spacing between each letter. Now, we have the overall look of the central part of the brand. We then wanted to make sure that the "HD" and "Professionals" has its place in the logo.  After we had picked the placement of the "HD" the "Professionals" had to be a subtle touch to the brand. We truncated it to "Pros" and it only made sense to add it following the "HD". 

The final stage was making sure the colors and final touches added. We went with a blue for "SKY" which only make sense. And for the "HD" we went with red to pop out, as a branding tip consumers will gravitate with familiar acronyms.

Branind for Sky HD Professionals

Dec-04 2015
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