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Woodland Gardens Apartments

Woodland Gardens Apartments
The woodlands apartments are located in a very beautiful neighbourhood that’s also filled with pretty much everything you need. The Woodlands Gardens Apartments are situated near the Woodland Senior Centre. If you have an elderly relative or one getting up there in age you can be assured that they can and will be very well taken care of in a local facility. You won’t have to worry about being able to visit them or anything like that. The Woodland Fair Grounds are also nearby the apartments. The Fair Grounds hold a number of events over the year including a state fair. There’s something on every so often to keep you entertained over the course of the year. Woodland Gardens Apartments also have all your shopping needs covered. The apartments are situated near the County Fair Mall. It’s a fully stocked mall with many different kinds of shops filled with anything you need, and plenty of things you want. Grocery shopping is taken care of too thanks to the local Wal-Mart grocery store. If you want to eat out and avoid cooking then outside of the food available in the mall, there’s also a number of different restaurants nearby to cater to plenty of different tastes. You can find anything you could possibly want or need in the neighbourhood and all of it is very accessible too. The Yolobus operates in the area and most, if not all, of the major destinations are located near a Yolobus stop. A stop is also at the complex itself leaving you free to come and go on public transport. The local neighbourhood is also located near the I-5 and Highway 113, leaving plenty of freeways access. Woodland is part of the Gibson school district meaning that there are schools around on every level for your children. Their education will be well taken care of and the schools are accessible and you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting your children into the school, and then to the school. Anything and everything you could possibly need out of a local area is there and made available to you. If you like the sound of the Woodland Gardens Apartments then give them a call on 530-662-1869 or if you happen to be in the local area stop by the local offices. The office is at 1737 6th Street, Woodland, CA 95695. The Woodland Gardens team is here to make sure that your stay is as simple as possible while being as comfortable as possible for you to live easily and comfortably.


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